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Baron Sir Jibril-al Dakhil,
Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom


Greetings, We are defined by the rules that hold us tougher. It is our job as marshals to ensure those rules are upheld and with the same dedication to excellence and integrity that we expect of every fighter that steps onto the field of combat. We are not potted plants, we are the foundation that allows combat to thrive with safety, honor and glory. Pay heed the marshal and lay on!

Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom

Baron Sir Jibril-al Dakhil

You are here to find information. Let's get to it.

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Society Earl Marshal - Marshallate Updates

Please visit the Earl Marshal's Announcement page for the latest changes and tweaks to the rules of combat, armor, and weaponry. Changes to the Marshal's Handbook - May 2013

Unto the East Kingdom does Osgkar of the Wood send greetings,

Interim Ruling

Weapons under 48" or Greater than 7'6" in length may have either a thrusting tip OR a butt spike, but not both. For example, in the East, you may not have buttspikes on your 9' spear.
Ruling officially posted 11/15/2013.

In service to the greatest Kingdom in the Knowne World, I remain

Osgkar Earl Marshal

Unto the East Kingdom does Osgkar of the Wood send greetings,

After much long drawn-out discussion, the Society Earl Marshal has made a decision about the Airsoft Modification (experiment at Pennsic 2012)

He has decided to disallow their use at Pennsic. If you have mandrake tips that have been modified you must remove the pellets and put in foam to pass inspection at the point. I know this is hard to take but it is the call the man in charge made.

Here is the exact wording from society

D. Fiberglass Spears
4. All fiberglass spears must have a thrusting tip that is a minimum of 2 inches (50.8 mm) in diameter/cross-section and have 2 inches (50.8 mm) of resilient material in front of the PVC end cap, thereby providing progressively resistant give without allowing contact with the PVC end cap.

Now for the good news. Ice Falcon's spear tips are good to go and ... 2" homemade tips are legal as well. so we have a bunch of options for good tips that will pass muster. Sadly not the clever functional Airsoft mod so many of us like.

We will continue to be able to use the mod in kingdom but they need to be marked with green and red denoting an experimental weapon.

In service to the greatest Kingdom in the Knowne World, I remain

Osgkar Earl Marshal


Armored Combat

Rattan Armored Combat

Interested gentles can find information on the fighters page such as policies and rulings, links to the SCA Society Earl Marshal's Handbook and all the forms and waivers you can stand.

The Marshals' Page has links to many of the same handbooks and rulings, but also the very important Quarterly Reports Form which Marshals must fill out quarterly (clever how we named it that, isn't it?).

Combat Archery

Combat Archers get right in the thick of battle. Not for the faint of heart or unarmored,
Combat Archery

Siege Weapons

Ballistae, trebuchets, onagers, javelins, and other medieval weapons of mass destruction. One touch, one kill.
Siege Engineering

Youth Armored Combat

This is armored combat for the Youth of the Society. Younger fighters need different rules. Here you can find information on building their equipment and their skills. You might volunteer to become a youth marshal yourself?
Youth Combat

Rapier Combat

Rapier Armored Combat

Rapier Combat, distinct from Heavy Combat, uses the rapier, epee and schlagger along with parry weapons, capes, and the occasional beer tankard. From small-scale "Tavern Brawl" scenarios and individual combat up to full-field battle and castle seige, rapier fighters specialize in the quick and deadly arts of swordsmanship.
Rapier Combat

Non-Combat Martial Activities

Equestrian College

The East Kingdom Equestrian College is the organization of all horse-loving gentles in the kingdom. They organize equestrian events and competitions and develop the sport through historical research.
EK Equestrian College

Target Archery

Target archery is exactly what it sounds like ... shooting at targets. Participants can either shoot for enjoyment or join the competitions that are held throughout the Kingdom.
Target Archery

Thrown Weapons

Thrown weapons is a range activity. Axes, knives, javelins are thrown at target butts and hay bales. Safe for children or adults who simply like to hone their skills at throwing sharp, pointy things.
Thrown Weapons

Largely Inactive

Hound Coursing

We do not have a site set up for Hound Coursing. This is just an email.
Hound Coursing

Armored Scout

The primary role of a scout is to gather and relay information swiftly and without direct engagement. This means traveling, assessing, and reporting on what has been observed. Scouts may also be called upon as messengers between units or commanders.
Scout Program


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